Refugee chefs are bringing their stories to DC’s most popular tables through the power of food.

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About Tables Without Borders

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Partner with resettlement organizations

Our local refugee resettlement and asylum-seeker advocacy partners reach out to us when they receive a client interested in pursuing a career in the culinary arts.

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Host Culinary training & dinners

We pair each refugee and asylum-seeker with a restaurant in their area to participate in a culinary training program, culminating in a dinner led by the emerging chef.

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Provide Employment opportunities

The host restaurant and the refugee or asylum-seeker decide if they'd like to convert the training role into a permanent position. If not, we provide a comprehensive job search that leverages our partners and prioritizes the emerging chef's interests.

Upcoming Events

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Tables Without Borders x Hilton

Tables Without Borders x Hilton

For three nights this fall, Chef Ahmed Nejat of Afghanistan
will be collaborating with head chef
Philip Thompson of Härth at Hilton McLean.

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World Refugee Week 2019

On each night of World Refugee Week 2019, a DC restaurant welcomed an emerging refugee or asylum-seeking chef into the kitchen and offered a unique menu combining the restaurant and chef’s signature flavors.

Press & Partners

Tables Without Borders has been covered by numerous reputable outlets and previously partnered with HIAS.